Quick Facts about Chinese SEO

March 22, 2011

If you are going to learn some quick facts about Chinese SEO, first I have good news for you that the basics are not very different for Baidu and Google. Link building helps you achieve better rankings and a good internal structure improves link juice flow within the site. But, there are still some things that make Chinese SEO different from English SEO.

1. Google comes second

Google is no more the big brother when it comes to Chinese SEO – Baidu (www.baidu.com) is. Baidu’s market share in the Chinese search engine market is more than 3/4. Baidu has claimed it is the best search engine for the Chinese language, and it does do a better job when I myself searched for some proper nouns in Chinese.

2. You need pull strings

Link exchange is pretty common here, which I believe is a reflection of the Chinese guanxi on the Internet.

3. Chinese websites, please

Baidu is a Chinese search engine whose users are 99% Chinese people,so if you would like to get well ranked and attract the target traffic, have a Chinese website instead f an English one.

Generally speaking, differences do exist between Baidu and Google but if you are already good at English SEO, you can be a fast learner for Chinese SEO. Of course, this also means Chinese SEO experts can be good at English SEO too.

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