Quick Facts about Chinese SEO

If you are going to learn some quick facts about Chinese SEO, first I have good news for you that the basics are not very different for Baidu and Google. Link building helps you achieve better rankings and a good internal structure improves link juice flow within the site. But, there are still some things […]

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Difference Between SEO for Web Portals and Small Businesses

It has been quite a number of times that people knocked at my door with the question “is there any difference between SEO for large-scale web portals and small business sites?”, so when a friend of mine came to me with the same question yesterday, my answer was and will always be yes. He was […]

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Top 9 Tips for URL Improvement

As commonly acknowledged, URL structure is crucial to┬áSEO. URL is the door where spiders enter your site, so the quality of URLs determines if spiders can have a good understanding of your site. Today I would like to share with you the top 9 tips on URL improvement. 1. No deep nesting Limit the subdirectory […]

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Method Link-Building

Almost all SEO authorities are advocating that SEOs should build natural links that look innocent to search engines, and at the same time, some of them are offering plenty of awesome tips to make it possible, e.g. writing guest posts, submitting articles, sharing your site on social networking sites. But you know, sometimes listening to […]

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