Keyword Guide for eCommerce Sites

March 25, 2011

Okay, this post is intended for those who is new to SEO for their online stores. It is not complicated or “advanced” as some articles in this blog that is focused on search engines. But after seeing so many online store owners are struggling to achieve good rankings for some super hot keywords, I think it is still necessary to write something about one of the most basic SEO topics – keyword research.

Although I said it is not complicated or advanced, but please do not reduce the importance you attach to keyword research – usually, keyword research is what determines whether you win or lose.

Today’s post will present you a guide on how to generate the keyword strategy for your eCommerce site.

1. Core Keywords

For eCommerce sites, core keywords are usually the name of what they sell – if you sell only one single product, then the name of the product shall be your core keyword; if you sell a bunch of products, then you have a bunch of core keywords. Simple, huh?

2. Key Phrases

Core keywords are hard to achieve, and mostly importantly, their conversation rate is usually low. Like you sell shoes, does a person that searches for “shoes” really need the kind of shoes you sell? Probably not – so insert more options to accompany your core keywords,maybe Nike Shoes, yellow Nike shoes, etc.

3. Listen to Keyword Research Tools

Some common keyword research tools:

  1. Google;
  2. SEOmoz;
  3. WordTracker;

4. Look at what your competitors do.

Your competitors can be very good keyword idea sources. Look what they do, and compare with your own findings.

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